WS 70 Use of Latin and native languages on the Internet

This worshop has been organized in the IGF of Sharm el Sheik, in the IGF of Vilnius and in the IGF in Kenya. Although some latin languages like Spanish and Portuguese are spoken by hundreds of million people, there is not a direct relationship with these figures and the presence of these languages on the Internet. Even more challenging is the situation of native languages in the Internet, which are also challenged even in their national environment. Although there seem to be many barriers, there are also several projects and examples that show that from different perspectives, goverment, private sector, NGOs and academy, these difficulties can be solved and languages can find their way in the Internet. Read more

Time: Thu, 2012-11-08 16.30 – 18.00

Workshop Room: Conference Room – 5
Tags: #igf12, #70

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