WS 113 DNSSEC for ccTLDs: securing national domains

This workshop is the result of the merger of workshop 107, “DNSSEC for ccTLDs: Securing National Domains”, and workshop 113, “The Economic and Security Benefits of Securing the Internet’s Unique Identifiers: DNSSEC”.
Securing the critical infrastructure of the Internet, particularly ccTLDs, each country’s most valuable online resource, is one of the most important Internet Governance issues being faced today. To ensure the security and privacy of the Internet’s billions of users, important responsibilities must be undertaken by ccTLD operations and Internet service and network providers around the world in making DNSSEC, the cryptographic signing of domain names, available to the Internet-using constituents of each national top-level domain. Read more

Time: Tue, 2012-11-06  16.30 – 18.00

Workshop Room: Conference Room – 3
Tags: #igf12, #113

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