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Day 2

7 November 2012

Time 09.30-12.30 12:30 – 15.00 15.00-18.00
Main Session Room Main session: Managing Internet Critical
Main session: IG4D
Time 09:00 – 10:30 11:00 – 12:30 12:30 – 14:30 14:30 – 16:00 16:30 – 18:00
Conference Room #1 WS 97 Concepts of acceptable behaviour to protect and enhance trust WS 34 Standards for sustainable digital culture Lunch Break WS 112 Evaluating Internet freedom initiatives: what works? WS 111 Protecting the rule of law in the online environment
Conference Room #2 WS 40 Mobile is changing the world- challenges and opportunities are
paralleled for the enterprises
WS 81 Internet Governance and sustainable development: the case of Small Island Developing States Lunch Break WS 157 Is access to the Internet a human right? WS 141 New trends in
industry self-governance
Conference Room #3 WS 186 Internet Governance in a sustainable world WS 143: Measuring the economic and social impact of the Internet to inform
policy making
Seed Alliance Awards (ISIF Asia, FRIDA
and FIRE)
WS 82 Measures and practices for promoting open knowledge environment (OKE) in developing countries WS 78 Internet Governance of Open Government Data and for sustainable
Conference Room #4 WS 59 Internet privacy and freedom of expression: UNESCO launches a global
survey on legal frameworks
Joint Open Forum  EBU, CoE, UNESCO, OSCE: Safety of online media actors  Lunch Break WS 50 Aspects of identity WS 150 The multi-stakeholder
model and the evolving gTLD space
Conference Room #5 WS 169 Internet policy infrastructure for sustainable Internet development: lessons from attempts at IP enforcement WS 85 Quo Vadis IGF – or volution of IGF Lunch Break WS 105 Internet regulation for improved access in emerging markets WS 175 Regional and country-level IGFs: What’s at stake and who’s involved?
 Conference Room #6 WS 68 Multi-stakeholder Internet Public Policy: Toolkit for Internet public policy practitioners WS 57 Broadband access and consumer rights Lunch Break WS 86 Solutions for enabling cross-border data flows WS 94 Social media, young people and freedom of expression
Conference Room #7 WS 129 The sustainable benefits of inclusion on the Internet WS 131 Rethinking copyright: can we develop a set of common principles?  Lunch Break WS 88 Online child protection toolkits: preventing and prosecuting offenses related to child pornography WS 77 Conflict in the cloud – policy challenges for stakeholders &
practical solutions for sustainable economic growth
Conference Room #8 WS 61 New gTLD program: an opportunity for development or a mean for more
digital divide?
WS 172 Jurisdictional issues on civil and law enforcement access to cloud data Lunch Break  Open Forum ISOC: Internet
operations (how does the Internet work?)
WS 89 Civil rights in the digital age, about the impact the Internet has
on civil rights
Conference Room #9 WS 125 Innovative application of ICTs to facilitate child protection online WS 152 What does it take? Mechanisms to ensure transparency and accountability in Internet Governance negotiations Lunch Break  WS 136 Free cross-border
flow of Internet traffic
WS 84 How can cooperation and multi-stakeholder collaboration impact the global fight against cybercrime and improve cyber security?
Conference Room #10 WS 117 Best common practices for building Internet capacity WS 168 Capacity building Initiatives for better economic and social inclusion of vulnerable people into the Information society Lunch Break  Inter-regional
Dialogue Session
Conference Room #11 How to submit a workshop proposalat the IGF The UN convention on the
Rights of the Child is it fit for purpose in the digital age?
Lunch Break  Capacity building as a key
element to strengthen the multi-stakeholder model in the Internet Governance environment.
WS 99 Moving to IPv6: Challenges for
Internet Governance
Internet Resources
Governance for Development (IG4D)
Stock and the Way Forward and Other (TS/WF)
Dynamic Coalitions Other Events
* Translation Available Access
and Diversity (AD)
Emerging Issues (EI) Security Openness and Privacy (SOP) Open
Sessions on Capacity